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The Risks of Not Carrying Enough Auto Insurance

Some people find it tempting to carry the minimum auto insurance in Easton, PA, especially if they are on a tight budget or have an old vehicle. While you may save money in the short term, drivers with minimal auto insurance could be on the hook for exorbitant repair costs that they may not be able to afford. Valor Insurance makes it a point to ensure their customers have sufficient coverage to meet their needs.

Minimum Legal Amounts in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania drivers must have at least  the following liability coverage to operate a motor vehicle legally:

  • $15,000 for injury or death of one person in an accident
  • $30,000 for injury or death of more than one person
  • $5,000 for damage to another person’s property

Unless an accident is minor, those coverage amounts won’t be sufficient to cover the costs of an accident. If you caused the accident, you remain responsible for covering another driver’s expenses, even if your policy doesn’t fully cover it.

The Other Driver Could Sue You for Damages

The most considerable risk occurs if you are in a severe accident involving considerable damage to another driver’s vehicle, as well as yours. If someone is badly injured, the stakes get higher. If you have a minimal policy and are at fault in the crash, the victim could file a claim in court requiring you to pay for the damages. This step could result in wage garnishment if you are found guilty.

What Coverage Should I Carry?

In addition to getting higher liability coverage limits, you should consider personal injury protection (PIP) to cover injury expenses and lost wages if you are involved in an accident. 

If you’re unsure what coverage you need, contact the agents at Valor Insurance in Easton, PA for advice on selecting auto policy provisions.

Four of the best things about your auto insurance

If you own a vehicle in Easton, PA, you’ll need to insure it. We can offer you auto insurance that meets your needs at Valor Insurance. Get your liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage from us. 

Motorists should know about all the great benefits they enjoy with auto insurance.

The following are four of the best things about your auto insurance policy:

Auto insurance can protect your vehicle’s value.

When you carry collision and comprehensive coverage, your vehicle’s value is protected by your auto insurance policy. These types of coverage will compensate you for the costs of damages your vehicle experiences as a result of covered incidents like vehicle collisions. 

Auto insurance allows you to drive legally.

In most states, auto insurance is legally required. The state of Pennsylvania requires motorists to carry auto insurance.

Maintaining coverage helps you stay in compliance with local laws and regulations, avoiding penalties and legal issues.

Auto insurance can come to your assistance if you break down.

Auto insurance with roadside assistance provides a safety net when breakdowns occur. Whether it’s a flat tire, dead battery, or mechanical issue, this coverage ensures prompt help by getting you back on the road as quickly and conveniently as possible. 

Auto insurance can pay for a rental vehicle after an accident.

Rental vehicle coverage on auto insurance ensures you’re covered when your car is in the shop. It helps pay for rental costs so you can continue your daily routine without disruption while your vehicle is being repaired.

Consult With Us

There are plenty of things you’ll love about our auto insurance policies at Valor Insurance. We insure drivers in Easton, PA. Get a quote now and hit the road worry-free!

Will Auto Insurance Cover Self-Driving Cars?

Self-driving vehicles are going to become a primary mode of transport in the future. Some prediction experts believe that self-driving cars will be available on the market by 2030, with autonomous technology operating on the road. Alongside this massive shift, there will be a lot of changes for drivers and the automobile industry. Many self-driving auto owners will be wondering whether these vehicles need auto insurance. 

At Valor Insurance, we’ll be discussing this type of auto insurance for the people of Easton, PA. 

How Self-Driving Affects the Auto Industry

Just like any other form of auto, self-driving cars will need financial coverage in the event of an accident. The ideal auto insurance package should cover a variety of situations, including theft, vandalism, or on-road collision. Regardless of what kind of event it is, a decent plan should pay for damages, medical costs, and income losses. 

Are self-driving cars particularly dangerous? Some people seem to think that a computerized vehicle will pose more of a hazard on the road. You may be at more risk if your vehicle’s self-driving sensors are impaired by weather conditions or other physical elements. As a self-driving car owner, you should put certain safety measures in place. Aside from safety, it helps to have an auto insurance plan that covers self-driving cars as well as regular ones.

Self-Driving Auto Insurance in Easton, PA

Interested in finding an insurance plan that covers self-driving auto mechanics? Contact Valor Insurance for more information. Our team would be happy to get you in touch with an agent with experience. Our auto insurance covers a number of policies, from liability claims to repair maintenance. 

Documents you should always carry in your vehicle

You should never take your right to drive for granted. But it is dependent on your following all the regulations in the state where you live. If you don’t, that privilege can be taken away from you.  At Valor Insurance in Easton, PA, we make sure that all of our customers understand what the rules are in Pennsylvania and what documents they need to carry at all times. 

Documents you should always carry in your vehicle

Your vehicle registration

When you register your vehicle in Pennsylvania, you will be given a copy of your vehicle registration and the date it is effective. You will be asked to produce this if you are ever stopped by law enforcement. Not having your vehicle registered can cause you a fine. Keep it safe in your vehicle. 

Your insurance card

When your auto insurance renews, your insurance either sends you a paper copy of your policy and your insurance cards, or they send you a digital copy. If you get the digital copy, you will need to print out your insurance card. This piece of paper states the make of your carrier and the dates that your auto insurance is effective. If you are stopped by law enforcement for any reason, they will ask to see your insurance card, so it is vital that you keep it safe in your glove box. 

Your driver’s license

Since you can use your driver’s license as an ID, many people carry it in their wallets. Make sure that anytime you are in your vehicle you have your wallet with you. 

Safety and emission stickers

When you get your vehicle safety and emission tests done, you will get a sticker that is placed on your windshield. It is required, make sure you have it. 

Get Auto Insurance Today

Contact Valor Insurance in Easton, PA to discuss what your auto insurance needs are. 

Why should I get an auto insurance for my car in Pennsylvania?

Owning a vehicle in the Easton, PA area is a good option as it continues to make it easier for you to get around the community. Once you are ready to start shopping for a car, you also need to spend time assessing your insurance needs. There are various reasons why someone in this state will need to get an auto insurance plan for their vehicle. 

Why Get Auto Insurance?

Meet Legal Standards

One of the reasons someone should get auto insurance for their car in Pennsylvania is that it can help ensure they meet legal standards. All drivers need to be aware that they are obligated by law to carry at least a liability insurance policy when they drive in this state. If you are not protected with this level of coverage, you can face various forms of penalization. 

Protect Investment and Asset

It would also be a good idea to get auto insurance to protect your asset and investment. There is always a chance that you could be involved in an accident or that your car could be stolen. If this occurs, you could face a significant loss. However, if you do have the right insurance at all times, it will provide the support needed to replace or repair your car.

Contact Us Today

If you intend to drive a car in the Easton, PA area, you will need to have auto insurance. As picking the right plan is a very important decision, you will want to ensure that you are informed of all of your needs and options before selecting a final policy. The team with Valor Insurance can help with this process. The professionals with Valor Insurance can answer your questions and give any needed guidance to select your next insurance plan.