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Three Different Ways to Ensure Your Home is Insured to Its Total Value

You are required to have homeowner’s insurance in most cases on your Easton, PA home. Are you sure that your house is insured up to its total value? A financial disaster is looming on the horizon for you if your home isn’t properly insured. Imagine the costs that could accrue if you have to pay for massive flood damage out of pocket. 

Here are three tips for home insurance:

1. Review it Constantly

Too many Easton, PA homeowners make the mistake of getting a policy and never updating it for the entire period they own their home. You should review your homeowner’s policy at least bi-annually if you want to keep it up to date. Things change over time when it comes to your home’s value and what’s included in your policy. 

2. Stay On Top of Remodels

You are bound to update your home in some way as time goes by. You might remodel your kitchen and bathroom. You could add a brand-new roof or build an unattached garage on your property. No matter what you do, you should inform your insurer immediately to include it in your policy. Make sure you have it included in case anything happens while the work is being done. 

3. Make Sure You Have Liability Coverage

You need to have proper liability coverage for your home and your property. Things can happen while your kids have friends playing in the yard or a party in the backyard. Proper liability coverage protects you and your family from lawsuits in the event of damages or an injury that occurs on your property. 

Valor Insurance Is Here To Help

At Valor Insurance, we help each of our clients get the proper coverage for their Easton, PA home and their property. Contact us today if you have any questions about your homeowner’s policy. We’ll make sure you’re fully protected.