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Top 3 Fire Prevention Tips for Homeowners

There are many layers to properly protecting your home. Insurance, security, and good safety habits all help to keep your home and family safe. Here are the top three fire prevention tips from the friendly insurance professionals at Valor Insurance serving Easton, PA and the surrounding areas. 

Top 3 Fire Prevention Tips for Homeowners 

Install Smoke Alarms 

If you do not already have smoke alarms installed in your home, do not wait another day to do this important fire prevention step. Smoke alarms are the best way to alert you and your family to a potential fire. Smoke alarms provide the best protection because they can alert your family before a fire has gotten out of control. Many communities will help families by installing free smoke detectors. Check with your local fire department to see if you can qualify for this service. 

Keep Alarms In Good Working Order

It is not enough to simply install fire or smoke detectors. You also need to test your alarms once a month and keep the batteries fresh. If alarms are not working properly, they will not alert you to a potential fire. 


This is might come as a surprising fire prevention tip, but keeping your home free from clutter can actually help to prevent the spread of fire. If a fire starts in your home, it needs and seeks out additional fuel. The more clutter that is packed into your home, the more fuel there is for a fire. Keep the clutter to a minimum to keep fire risks low. 

Give Us A Call

If you would like to learn more about home insurance or any of our other insurance services, contact us at Valor Insurance serving Easton, PA and the surrounding areas. We will be happy to answer your questions today and help you find the right home protection you need.